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Artist Statement

The theme of my work focuses on the individual and the balance between thought, action and existence. To me this is a symbolic act: the balancing person has to concentrate on himself and his path - a basic human experience. Each viewer brings his own associations to the artwork - therefore it invites the viewer to reflect on his own condition.

In my work, walkways, overpasses and bridges represent the variety of challenges we have to face in our lives. I show fragments of this infinite journey - metaphorical moments - reaching from the past into the future like rays of pure energy. Each of my figures walking its pathways exhibits a specific relationship to its environment. The viewer's reflection and participation endows the figure with purpose and meaning.

Focusing on the present moment, the beginning and the end of each balancing-act is unseen. My wall paintings imply an infinite structuring of space, each division of space acquiring a different meaning, while the intersections give the viewer an opportunity to rest or change direction. Discontinuous events are fused by spatial structure into a single new reality.