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Between Heaven and Earth

Up on high his figures stand on seemingly precarious footing. The Berlin based sculptor Hubertus von der Goltz has created a distinct contribution to contemporary sculpture with his silhouetted sculptures poised on pipes or rooftops. His installations are sculptural modifications of our everyday environement, leading viewers to new and surprising perspectives. The perception of a building, a wall or a corner in our familiar habitat (environment) has suddenly changed. In regard to volume Hubertus von der Goltz´ scenic transformations are modest. But the visual impression and its reverberations allow the sculptures to spontaneously commit themselves to our memory.

The outdoor sculptures correspond to the architectural proportions in which they are placed. Architecture is a partner in the aesthetic dialogue as well as the pedestal for the sculpture. The work relate to us, since they consider the human measure and show deference to the viewer or user. In an unexpected location a seemingly abstract installation reveals itself as a figurative scenario through the motion of the viewer around it. The thin walled silhouette reveals itself as a figure only from certain angles (of view).

Hubertus von der Goltz` indoor sculptures appeal to the viewer`s imagination. The play of light and shadow transports the miniature scenarios (settings) into a dimension of intangibility, adds an echo from the infinity of The shadow and reveals the methaphysical content of the small striding figures. Thus the compositions always also contain an air of contemplation. It is a quality of stillness as it can be found in Japanese gardens. In these existential significations we can find ourselves. We encounter a spiritual dimension in Hubertus von der Goltz` work.

His sculpture are eye catchers - work of art demanding immediate attention, strongly reverberating in memory. One of the reasons for this might be the allegorical significance of the sculptures, which is never subdued by the remarkable technical feats which each work`s installation demands. Hubertus von der Goltz` sculptures are allegories of life. They speak of the crossing of the abyss, the arrival on new shore. In a tentative search for equilibrium they evoke images of departure and arrivals.

Friedrich W. Kasten